Introducing Dura-Leathers®

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Eco Leather
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Introducing, new, long last-lasting yet durable eco friendly leather. This revoluntionary leather is a recycled, eco-friendly product.

Dura-Leather is not a faux or simulated leather. It is genuine recycled leather. A good comparison would be steak and hamburger. Even though the beef for the burger has been ground up, it is still beef!

Dura leather starts as recycled leather remnants that are broken down to their natural fiber state. The fibers are then reassembled in a web fashion much like top grain leather. The new leather is pressure bonded together with a special polymer. The recycled leather is now sealed and finished.

Due to the recycling process, Dura-Leather can offer a consistent color, texture & quality that cannot be matched.

Dura-Leather is so durable it withstands all rub and UV tests that have been applied. The look, the feel and price are INCREDIBLE!