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Quality Leather
Leather Designs uses only the finest leathers selected from around the world. Each piece is hand cut to insure a continuity of tone.
Using the Leather
Positioning the pattern on the leather is extremely important. Each hide is different making each piece of furniture unique.
Hardwood Frames
We make our own frames using 100% kiln dried hardwood for a lifetime of use. Frames are glued, double doweled and / or screwed for strength.
Comfortable Seating
8-way machine tied coil springs with several layers of padding and foam creates a very comfortable seating platform for you.
Quality Craftsmen
The attention to detail is evident in how the leather is sewn. Taking the time to sew properly now means years of enjoyment.
Filling Cushions
Simulated down, wrapped around a thick, plush layer of foam guarantees you comfort and years of use.
Hand Upholstery
Each piece of Leather Designs furniture is carefully upholstered by hand. This gives you the finest hand made furniture craftmanship available.

Check out Leather Designs. Each piece is truly handcrafted to give you years of use and enjoyment.
At Leather Designs
The Leather We Use Really Does Make a Difference